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Your Premier Air Filter Foam Choice for Filtration in China

Filson dedicates to offering one-stop solutions on air filter foam fabrication for OEM/ODM customers. We have an air filter foam sheet, air filter foam roll, vacuum foam filter, reticulated air filter foam, automotive air foam filter, and more.

Air filter foam is also named air filter foam element. Filson foam air filter material is polyurethane foam. Filson air foam filter can reach the filtration function by trapping unwanted air contaminants and particulates.

Filson air foam filters are extensively used in vast fields like the medical industry, HVAC systems, vacuum cleaner, speakers, automobile and other applications with good performance. Feel free to browse our net page and contact us.

Leave your name, email, and requirements of desired size, shape, color, and other air filter foam specifications in the information sheet, Filson professional engineering sales will show you a suitable one.

Filson Air Filter Foam

Air Filter Foam Sheet
Filson is one of the best air filter foam sheet supplier in the market. We can customize the right size, shapes, color and more for you to suit your application.
Air Filter Foam Block
As an experienced air filter foam block manufacturer. Filson can offer you high quality air filter foam block at a competitive price.
Air Filter Foam Roll
To meet the different homie and industrial needs, Filson air filter foam roll can effectively prevent the debris and air pollutants from the air.
Reticulated Air Filter Foam
Filson reticulated air filter foams are open cells and commonly used in filtration applications. Our MOQ is 50 pieces.
Polyurethane Foam Air Filter
Filson manufactures polyurethane foam air filter with a wide range of ppi(pores per inch). And polyurethane foam filter is made of polyester and polyether resin.
Vacuum Foam Filter
Filson can manufacture premium replacement vacuum cleaner filters suitable for fitting shark navigator lift away models.
Motorcycle Air Filter Foam
Enriched by Filson mature industrial experience on this business, we are involved in offering an enormous ppi range of motorcycle air filter.
Automotive Air Filter Foam
Filson is one of the professional automotive air filter foam manufacturers. Filson automotive air filter foam has high mechanical strength, high filtration efficiency and low energy consumption.
Engine Air Filter Foam
Small dirt particles can cause engine wear which leads to loss in performance, so your engine need a clean environment. And Filson engine air filter foam is your best choice.
Air Conditioner Foam Filter
Filson air conditioner foam filter effectively improve air quality. In addition, Filson foam filter for air conditioner plays the dual role in purification and inflaming.
Replacement air Filter Foam
Filson can provide replacement air filter foam products of the best brands such as UNI air filter foam sheet, Shop-Vac foam sleeve, etc.

Why Choose Filson Air Filter Foam

If you are looking for an excellent grade air filter foam for your business or domestic usage, then you are in the right place. Filson is a prominent manufacturer of all types of air foam filter elements in the world.

All your air filter foams are promised to be delivered within 15 working days, if there are Filson air filter foam in stock, you can receive them earlier. Also, a free sample is allowed to be provided for you to check the details of Filson air foam filter.

In one word, Filson is a one-stop solution air filter foam manufacturer. We can offer you air filter foam block, reticulated air filter foam, automotive air filter foam, air conditioner foam filter, so you can enjoy the benefits that Filson air foam filter brings.

Filson Air Filter Foam Catalog

Filson: Eminent Air Foam Filter Manufacturer and Supplier for Worldwide

Filson is a leading air foam filter supplier with over 10 years of manufacturing experience. Under the support of advanced equipment and professional engineers, Filson designs and builds excellent air foam filters to customer specifications.

Air Filter Foam Manufacturer in 10-100ppi

Air Filter Foam Manufacturer in 10-100ppi

Filson air foam filters are polyether-based reticulated polyurethane foams. Filson air foam filter is known as open-cell foams, Filson air filter foams have an open cell structure and every cell has a 12-side shape and even size. It allows good airflow and high dirt capacity.

Filson polyether air filter foam is not affected by air, water. So Filson air filter foam is widely used in applications where air filtration is required. Such as air conditioners, motorcycle industry, speakers, vacuum cleaners.

Blue Reticulated Air 30ppi Filter Foam Roll

Blue Reticulated Air 30ppi Filter Foam Roll

Filson adopts advanced technology to fabricate air foam filter elements. When it comes to the resistance of heat, Filson air foam filter can withstand temperatures up to 300 ℃ with a good performance.

Filson polyurethane reticulated foam is available in different pores per linear inch (PPI) ranging from 10 to 120. Filson air filter foam will provide higher airflow resistance while the PPI increases. Filson air filter foam has high filtration effectiveness and also is flame retardant.

Custom Resuable Air Filter Foam Pads

Custom Resuable Air Filter Foam Pads

Filson air filter foam can be processed into numerous kinds on basis of accurate size, color, shape, thickness, and others. For example, Filson air filter foam can be made in a variety of colors such as green, red, black, etc. Our MOQ is 50 pieces.

Filson can provide you with air filter foam, available in thickness from 0.125 inches. The availability of such fine increments in a complete range to meet your final applications. Send us your design and drawing, you will get an awesome one.

How to Clean Foam Air Filter

How to Clean Foam Air Filter

Filson air foam filter is a cost-effective option for an air filtration system. Filson air foam filters are superior to paper filters in terms of efficiency, chemical and temperature resistance, life as well as reusability.

Filson air foam filter is lightweight, highly elastic, washable, and reusable. Furthermore, Filson air filter foam is non-toxic and harmless, Eco-friendly, and odor-free. So you can have no worry about Filson air foam filter.

As an ISO 9001 certificated air foam filter supplier, Filson controls the quality of air foam filters strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as CE, SGS according to your demand. We will give you back a perfect air foam filter.

Polyurethane Foam Air Filter Material in 100ppi

Polyurethane Foam Air Filter Material in 100ppi

With the excellent product performance and quality assurance mentioned above, Filson air filter price is also considered as a competitive advantage, so you can send us your inquiry and build a profound collaboration for the Filson air foam filter.

If you have the need for air filter foam, Filson will always be here to supply you with a suitable one.

More details to be known in the following ways:

Phone: +86-157 3695 8886


Replacement Air Filter Foam for All Brands

Replacement Air Filter Foam for All Brands

Filson Hepa Filter VS Foam Filter

Foremost, hepa filter is made of thin fibers of glass and activated carbon-based materials. While Filson air foam filters use polyurethane-based polyether and polyester foam as the material. Automatically, Filson foam filter has high mechanical strength and low price…

On the other hand, the Filson foam filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly for a long life span, compared to the HEPA filter. Certainly, if you want to choose the appropriate filter according to the actual application situation, Filson is your best choice.

Round Reticulated Air Filter Foam for Water and Oil

Round Reticulated Air Filter Foam for Water and Oil

What Foam Is Used For Air Filter?

Filson air foam filters generally use polyurethane foam elements as the filtering material. Because polyurethane foam is a great material for its lightweight, porous, washable characteristic. By this, Filson foam filter is good for removing unwanted particulate from the air.

How Often Should You Change Motorcycle Air Filter?

Your air foam filter performs a crucial role in protecting your engine and making it last as long as possible. In the air around your motorcycle, there are all sorts of contaminants including dirt, sand, dust, and pollen.

If these things were to get into the engine itself, they would start to slowly wear away your cylinder walls and piston rings. As time passed, the motorcycle foam filter gets dirtier and will need to be replaced.

You should replace your motorcycle air filter about every 10,000 miles or about every year. If you ride through environments with more dirt and dust, you will need to change the air filter more frequently.

In reality, you just need to change the filter out before it gets too dirty, and the motorcycle manual help you prevent getting too dirty. The best way to tell if your filter needs to be changed is by looking at it.

If you are not sure whether you should replace your air filter or not, please contact us, and Filson engineering team will give you instructional advice. Or get the manual for your motorcycle and see how often you change the air foam filter.

Filson Air Filter Foam Function

  • Improve the filtration efficiency and prolong usage time
  • Remove the particles, solids, and other contaminants of the passing fluids
  • Provide remarkable quality air filter foam at a competitive price
  • Design and build the most stable construction to avoid unnecessary malfunction

Filson Air Filter Foam Feature:

  • Able to capture more impurities than paper and cotton air filters
  • 30% higher air flow
  • Longer lifetime than cotton filters
  • Have High Tensile strength and durability, therefore, longer life span
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Improve airflow characteristics – up to 50% more airflow than pleated-paper
  • effectively control air pollution
  • Pre-filtration of air in the automotive industry
  • eliminates wear-causing airborne contaminants

Filson Air Filter Foam Specification:

  • Commonly processed density: 28 Kg/m3
  • Common size: according to your applications
  • PPI Range: 10 to 120 counts
  • Thickness: at your request
  • Colour: white, black, green, red and more
  • Packaging: A set of sheets in a sheet
  • Delivery: Within 15 days once the order is confirmed
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces

Filson Air Filter Foam Application:

  • HVAC equipment
  • Medical industry
  • Room air conditioners
  • Fan coil units
  • loudspeakers
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