Filson Air Cyclone Separator

  • No moving parts, compact design, convenient management and maintenance
  • very small noise due to the use of a silencer to separated the fan and motor
  • High separation efficiency, less air flow resistance and large dirt holding capacity
  • Good corrosion resistance, high temperature and pressure resistance
  • Suitable for most industrial applications such as chemical, metallurgy industry
  • Full stock, fast delivery time, safe transportation and responsible after-sale service

As a professional air cyclone separator manufacturer in China, Filson has sufficient capability on air cyclone separator fabrication. The construction material could be heavy-gauge steel with industrial powder coating, stainless steel, mild steel for varying applications.

  • Construction material: 304/316L stainless steel, mild carbon steel, heavy-gauge steel with powder-coating
  • Dimension: according to your application
  • Thickness: 2-10mm
  • Flow rate: up to 100000 m3/h
  • Filtration grade: down to 5 micron
  • Separation efficiency: up to 99% of of 20-30 micron or larger solid particles
  • Working temperature range: from -15℃ to 350℃
  • Feeding pressure: from 0.03 MPa to 0.4 MPa
  • Pressure resistance: from -1 bar to 16 bar
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Quality certification: in accordance with ASME code, ISO certification

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Filson Air Cyclone Separator

Your Best Air Cyclone Separator Supplier in China

The presence of particulate matter in air is a serious matter of concern as it causes several health hazards. Filson air cyclone separator is the most cost effective and efficient methods to separate particulate matter for your industrial purpose.

Filson air cyclone separator is featured with no moving parts, compact design, very small noise, convenient management and maintenance. In addition, Filson air cyclone separator work with minimal pressure loss and ensure a consistently high efficiency of the separation process.

Filson air cyclone separator is applicable to the removal of non-viscous and non-fibrous dust, which is mostly used to remove particles above 5 micron. When separating dust particles above 20-30 microns, the purification efficiency can reach 98%.

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