• Larger surface area with high dust-holding capacity
  • Low pressure drop thanks to advanced filter media
  • Individual designs possible to meet different needs
  • Diverse profiles with matching seals to ensure tightness
  • Lightweight for easy to install, handle, and transport
  • Cost-efficient and dependable operation for reliable quality

With the capability of removing 0.12 microns at least 99.99% efficiency, the Filson AHU ULPA filter can combat to pollution, odors, dust, smoke, and harmful pathogens, so it is an ideal solution for air handling units in air conditioning systems.

  • Filter Media: synthetic fiber, fiberglass, polyester, cotton, aluminium, etc
  • Frame: stainless steel, aluminum, etc
  • Frame thickness: 30/50/70 mm
  • Sealant: polyurethane
  • Micron Rating Range: from 0.12 to 100 microns
  • Size: 305x610mm, 570x570mm, 610x610mm, 870x1170mm, 915x 1220mm, etc
  • Maximum Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Airflow: 300 – 2900 m³/h
  • Pressure drop: 125 Pa
  • Working temperature: up to 70°C
  • Relative humidity: 100%
  • Air inlet: 14”, 12”, 10”, 8”, etc
  • Standard: UL 900, ISO, EN 1822

Note: the above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson AHU ULPA Filter

High-Quality AHU Filter to Boost Your Projects

Utilizing advanced filter materials with higher mesh density, the Filson AHU ULPA filter has a higher efficiency class than the HEPA filter, although the design and function are the same. With the pleated design, it ensures even airflow and great efficiency.

With low air pressure drop, the Filson AHU ULPA filter is able to save more energy to low maintenance costs. With special design and reliable quality, it has a longer service life due to the low need for maintenance and replacement.

Each Filson AHU ULPA filter goes through strict inspection before market release, such as leak proofing test, quality test, etc. Having been making AHU filters for more than two decades, we promise to offer a competitive price and high-performance AHU ULPA filter for you.

Filson has a complete AHU filter system such as bag filters, and AHU pre-filters, if you want to know more information or want to get a high-quality product please Click Here. We are happy to get inquiries from customers.

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