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Filson aeration stone, also called an air stone, has similar functions and features as a diffusion stone, which is also provided by Filson. The aeration stone allows you to quickly and efficiently aerate any type of your liquid to a content level.

Compared with another aeration device, Filson aeration stone provides you with the best quality at a competitive price. With excellent aeration performance, Filson aeration stone is able to assist you with any of your air stone projects and problems.

Filson would like to become your premier aeration stone supplier in China. As an expert infiltration, we have great confidence in offering you the well-pleasing aeration stone for your application.

Filson professional engineering sale will be with you and give support every step of the way from pre-sale (like design, calculation) to after-sale (like installation, cleaning). If you are looking for an aeration stone, contact us today!

Filson Aeration Stone

Aeration Stone Brewing
Filson provides you a perfect aeration system for your homebrew and beer brewing industry. Like diffusion stone brewing, Filson aeration stone greatly increases the contact area between air and beer.
Wort Aeration Stone
Filson wort aeration stone is applied to malt bin. To achieve an optimal yeast health, you can simply aerate (add oxygen ) your wort prior to pumping it to the fermentor by using a wort aeration stone.
Stainless Steel Aeration Stone
Filson stainless steel aeration stone is an ideal device to aerate wort or beer. It is totally made of different grades stainless steel materials to provide a good mechanical strength and aeration performance for your application.
Inline Aeration Stone
Filson inline aeration stone can be connected inline with any kettle, pump or counterflow/plate wort chiller to aerate wort before its fermentation. The process provides adequate air or oxygen to yeasts which play a vital role for the final yields.
Tri Clamp Aeration Stone
Filson tri clamp aeration stone is also known as tri clamp oxygenation stone or air stone. As the name implies, the stone is used to aerate oxygen or air to the target vessel, like a tank or bin, to fulfill its mission.
Threaded Aeration Stone
Filson threaded aeration stone is designed to mount the aeration stone on a 1/2 NPT thread, with a hose barb on the other end. It is made into a broad range of micron ratings to meet your different application needs.
0.5 Micron Aeration Stone
Filson 0.5 micron aeration stone is one of the most popular aeration stones produced by Filson. It offers a perfect pore size on the stone to realize a better air to water diffusion. Of course, other micron ratings can be customized here.
2 Micron Aeration Stone
Filson provides 2 micron aeration stone in good quality and performance. Usually, the stone is used to aerate wort and beer to improve the growth of yeast and further increase the yields and expand production.
Replacement Aeration Stone
Filson replacement aeration stone is 100% interchangeable with your original one to entirely match with your existing system. Besides, it has the same or exceeding efficiency with the old stone while in lower price.

Why Choose Filson Aeration Stone


Filson fabricates aeration stone in good quality at a relatively low but reasonable price. We have our own Filson factory to manufacture your stones and deliver them all directly from the factory to save you money.

Filson aeration stone earns a favorable reception from our customers around the world. You can find our aeration stone in the market from all kinds of industries and applications.

Filson always provides the most thoughtful and responsible service for you. From the very beginning, our specialists will give suggestions on your aeration stone design and come up with solutions for you all the time.

Filson has full capability for aeration stone developing and manufacturing. We have various types of aeration stones for you to choose from. You can freely customize the right aeration stone for your application at Filson.

Your Leading Aeration Stone Supplier in China

Filson aeration stone is an industrial tool that increases the contact aera between air and water. It is made of porous material with pores all over the surface. Its function is to inflate the water through the aeration stone to form many bubbles, to increase the water solubility of the gas.

Aeration Stone Efficiency Testing

Aeration Stone Efficiency Testing

According to the traditional aeration method, the contact area of gas-to-water is very limited. The forced transfer of oxygen from the air to water in order to obtain sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water. It may be difficult to achieve, however, Filson aeration stone can help you deal with the problem.

Obviously, if the gas coming out of the device can be ‘smashed’ to the ‘granular’ state, it will be more effective to increase the contact area and realize a higher diffusion efficiency. Filson aeration stone works as the same principle: the air through the stone is distributed to the liquid in the form of millions of tiny bubbles and dissolved rapidly.

Details of Filson Aeration Stone

Details of Filson Aeration Stone

Filson aeration stone is applied to all sorts of industries to reach the purpose. The common applications in life are to introduce oxygen to fish tanks ( fish farming, aquarium ) to enhance the solubility of the gas and activate the water in the tank.

Another familiar way to use a Filson aeration stone is to aerate chilled wort prior to fermentation. By doing this, the yeasts inside your wort get enough oxygen to support their growth. The same goes for beer brewing.

How to Take the Aeration Stone

How to Take the Aeration Stone

Besides, Filson aeration stone can also be used for the ozone environmental protection industry to infuse ozone into water. Meanwhile, aeration is an important part of pond care to maintain oxygen levels and help fish survive. By adding aeration stone, you can easily improve the water quality and circulation of your fishpond.

Filson adopts sophisticated technologies to fabricate the aeration stone. All the products are sintered with stainless steel powder for the highest quality and best performance. In addition, titanium is another popular material to manufacture aeration stone. Other materials can be used in accordance with your request.

Other Related Products Recommended

Other Related Products Recommended

Different from the common-made stone, Filson aeration stone gives you the flexibility and freedom to accommodate or adapt to several sizes, shapes, and hardware connections. So we get highly customized aeration stones based on what the customer requires.

When it comes to the shape of Filson aeration stone, you have various options. Our aeration stone is possible to be made into a ball shape, disc shape, plate shape, and the most frequently-used cylindrical shape. You can choose the favorable and suitable one to fit your application.

Though the operation of a Filson aeration stone is quite simple, there are still some tips for you in the process of using it. Touching the stone directly with your bare hands is not recommended as the oil on your skin can plug the tiny pores. The second one is to clean your stone regularly to ensure its long-term use.

When you buy a Filson aeration stone, you are buying the specifically designed and calibrated part to your system conditions. Filson strictly controls every step of your stone manufacturing process and promised to deliver the most valuable and reliable product for you.

Filson is aimed at being your leading aeration stone supplier in China and overcoming any of your challenges with aeration in the future. Need any professional support? Contact Filson now and get whatever you want.

Professional Aeration Stone for All Sorts of Applications

Professional Aeration Stone for All Sorts of Applications

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Filson Aeration Stone Function:

  • Minimize the amount of bubbling noise you’ll hear
  • Generally, diffuse air into the tank
  • Carbonate beer quickly
  • Produce very small bubbles in the water
  • Provide sufficient oxygen for the growth of fish and cells
  • Aerate chilled wort prior to fermentation

Filson Aeration Stone Feature:

  • Advanced sintering technology for porous structure
  • Uniform and even pore distribution for numerous bubbles generation
  • Increased air to water contact area for better air dissolution
  • Precise pore size control for high aeration efficiency
  • A wide range of micron ratings to meet different application needs
  • Reduced air or oxygen consumption for maximum cost savings
  • Minimum possibility of blockage for longer service life
  • Flexible connection design for easy installation and cleaning

Filson Aeration Stone Specification:

  • Construction material: SS 304, SS 316/316 L, titanium, or others based on request
  • Working temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: Max 3.4Mpa ( typically 0.2 – 2MPa )
  • Micron rating: 0.2 – 100 μm (usually 0.5 or 2 micron)
  • Porosity: 35 – 50 %
  • Length: customizable from 1 to 12inch ( mostly 1 – 4inch )
  • Connection: tri-clamp, BSP/NPT threads, barb, straight tube, flange

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, please contact Filson for more details.

Filson Aeration Stone Application:

  • Aquarium filtration system
  • Fish and aquatic pets/aquiculture
  • Chemical wastewater treatment
  • Dining and entertaining/bar tools and drinkware
  • Biochemical tank aeration system
  • Beer brewing equipment/homebrew
  • Wort aeration
  • Pond care
  • Winemaking equipment
  • Ozone environmental protection industry

People Also Ask

What is an Aeration Stone?

Aeration stone is a versatile industrial and commercial tool, sometimes also called air stone, bubble, or diffuser. The aeration stone comes in many shapes, sizes, and micron levels. Usually, the stone is made of stainless steel powder experiencing a sintering process to finally form a porous stone.

The main purpose of an aeration stone is to gradually diffuse the air, oxygen, ozone, or other gases into the target liquids. You can see millions of microbubbles through your water with the help of a pump and tubing.

The sintered aeration stone does not clog easily and gives a better distribution of air with tiny bubbles than other types of aeration systems. These sintered stones are very durable and extremely easy to clean. Basically, they are safe for all types of application conditions, like ponds, freshwater aquariums, beer, and marine fish tanks.

Filson Aeration Stone

Filson Aeration Stone

How to Use an Aeration Stone?

Aeration stone is an important device for wort aeration. It puts oxygen into the wort, which is necessary for the yeast in fermentation to build healthy cell membranes. Without oxygen, the yeast can not form as strong cell membranes, and this may lead to off-flavors in your beer.

Of course, correctly use of an aeration stone is also vital to beer brewing:

  • Get a suitable pump for your wort aeration to provide enough power.
  • Clean and sanitize everything, including the aeration stone that will contact your wort.
  • Connect the aeration stone to your aeration system.
  • Before aeration, remember to chill your wort below 26℃.
  • Put the aeration stone near or at the bottom of the wort and start to aerate.

Warm tips:

  1. Beers with higher gravity solubilize oxygen at a slower rate than average gravity beers. And the operation may take a litter longer.
  2. Keep foaming to a minimum level.
  3. The optimum wort oxygen level is 8 to 10 ppm.

Pay attention that smaller bubbles are better than big bubbles, this comes to the right selection of the aeration stone, you can consult Filson for more information.

How Does an Aeration Stone Work

How Does an Aeration Stone Work

How do I Know When to Change My Aeration Stone?

Aeration stone is a porous media that has the risk of blockage, after a period of use, you are recommended to change your aeration stone. But how to tell if you need a new aeration stone? You can take the following points as a reference:

  • The number of bubbles coming out of your aeration stone has decreased.
  • Your aeration stone is no longer silver, instead, it is a little orange, brown, or a darker color.
  • The bubbles coming out of your aeration stone are obviously larger than they used to be.
  • The bubble rise velocity is slower compared to the speed when it started to use.

Generally, an aeration stone lasts for years, and it can be replaced or changed every three to six months in order to maintain the proper function of your tank.

What Can I Do to Clean My Aeration Stone?

While most people choose to replace the aeration stone regularly, it is also possible to clean the stone to rejuvenate its effectiveness and restore it for a longer time. The right cleaning methods not only save your purchasing costs but also improve the aeration efficiency.

  • Rinse the aeration stone in freshwater for a while, gently scrub contaminants off the surface, and then allow the stone to air dry.
  • You can also simply clean the aeration stone by boiling it for about ten minutes and then air dry completely.
  • Clean your stone by chemical soaking. Put the aeration stone into a solution of one part bleach and three parts fresh water for one day for both cleaning and sterilizing. ( If your stone is clogged badly, soak it for another 24 hours. )
  • After soaking, remove the aeration stone from the bleach solution. Connect it to an air pump and place the stone in freshwater, allowing it to run for several minutes. This step will dilute and clean the residual bleach from the device.
  • Take the stone out of the water and let air pass through the stone for five minutes to dry.
  • Finally, store the aeration stone in a clean plastic bag for the next use.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean the stone. Vinegar solution may be more effective if your water has mineral content, it will help remove the calcium lime deposits clogging the pores. Avoid drying the stone by using an oven or microwaving, it’s not useful for cleaning the insides and may cause damage.

Aeration Stone Cleaning Method

Aeration Stone Cleaning Method

How Long do Aeration Stones Last?

It depends.

Aeration stones last for many years for their optimized process condition and advanced sintering technology. However, as the increased times you use it and the conditions ( mineral content or something ) of your process liquids, the service life of the stone will be shorter.

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