Filson Aeration Stone Brewing

  • Versatile for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Quality stainless steel construction for high corrosion resistance
  • High porosity for uniform pore distribution
  • Custom connection type to fit your specific needs
  • Flexible and multiple designs for customers to choose

Filson aeration stone is an optimal choice for your beer brewing. You can connect the stone to your aeration system with our various connection types. It’s suitable for any application that needs aeration.

  • Main material: SS 304, SS 316/316 L, titanium, or others based on request
  • Working temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: maximum 3.4MPa ( typically 0.2 – 2MPa )
  • Micron rating: 0.2 – 100 μm (usually 0.5 or 2 micron)
  • Porosity: 35 – 50 %
  • Length: customizable from 1 to 12inch ( mostly 1 – 4inch )
  • Connection: tri-clamp, BSP/NPT threads, barb, straight tube, flange

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Filson Aeration Stone Brewing

Your Best Aeration Stone Brewing Supplier in China

Filson aeration stone for brewing is manufactured using stainless steel or titanium as the main material. Experiencing a sintering process, the aeration stone is given plenty of micron pores on the surface to realize the high porosity of the stone.

Filson aeration stone is a sintered stainless steel powder device. After an elaborate design and professional manufacturing process, the stone has less possibility to drop powder which offers a safe and secure environmental condition.

You can infuse both air and pure oxygen into your beer before fermentation. Here, pay attention to the oxygen input and velocity when you connect Filson aeration stone to an oxygen tank, too much oxygen is not that good.

Filson is much willing to be your aeration stone manufacturer and supplier in China. For any of your aeration projects, we want to help and give the most professional suggestion. Contact us today and get a solution for your brewing.

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