Filson Activated Carbon Pocket Filter

  • Large dust holding capacity for long time use
  • Unexpected filtration effectiveness for improved air quality
  • Strong adsorption capacity to remove ordors in the breathing air
  • Various selections for filter size, number and filtration rating
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

Filson pocket type activated carbon filter is suitable for all kinds of air conditioning ventilation system. It provides an ideal effects in the system to deal with odor and air pollution and can effectively remove dust as well as clean air.

  • Filter media: activated carbon fiber and cotton
  • Frame material: galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic
  • working temperature: 80°C
  • operating humidity: 80%
  • Number of pocket: 3 – 12
  • Filtration rating: MERV 11, MERV 13, MERV 14, MERV 15
  • Filter size: 24 x 24 x 15
  • Pocket color: black

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by contacting Filson.

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Filson Activated Carbon Pocket Filter

Versatile Activated Carbon Pocket Filter for Your System

Filson activated carbon pocket filter is made of activated carbon non-woven filter cotton with high-efficiency and strong surface absorption capacity, which can effectively remove odor, sulfur dioxide and other volatile organic pollution from the air.

Comparing to other types of pocket filter, Filson activated carbon filter bag usually realizes its filtration purpose by absorbing, while others by collecting. With low resistance and high filtration efficiency, the filter is made into various dimensions to fit different applications.

By using Filson activated carbon pocket filter, both air quality and human health will be improved due to the reduction of the harmful dust and odor. Also, our professional engineers can customize proper pocket filter for your particular needs.

As one of the best pocket filter manufacturers in China, Filson not only provides you this effective activated carbon pocket filter, but also offers glass fiber filter to you. Of course, an activated carbon panel filter is also available to be delivered.

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