Filson 8inch Duplex Strainer

  • Various options for raw materials
  • Low-pressure drop with large pressure capacity
  • Fewer capital investments and maintenance costs
  • Robust construction
  • Applicable for wide range of fluids filtration

Filson 8inch duplex strainer has good rigidity and strength for it’s mainly made of stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and PVC. And other materials can be acceptable to manufacture an 8inch duplex strainer upon customer request.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel 304 or 316, carbon steel, cast iron, PVC
  • Connection Size: 8inch
  • Operating Temperature: -190℃—600℃(upon materials)
  • Flow Capacity: up to 15000L/min
  • Flitration Ratings: 1μm to 10000μm
  • Pressure Capacity: up to 100 bar
  • AvailableMedium: oil, stream, water, gas

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Filson 8inch Duplex Strainer

Excellent 8inch Duplex Strainer for Filtering

With high temperature and corrosion resistance, the Filson 8inch duplex strainer is usually applied in a harsh environments like chemical or pharmaceutical industries with high acid and alkali.

The most remarkable feature of the Filson 8inch duplex strainer must be the double strainer chambers design. It greatly improves the working efficiency and it’s convenient for insert basket cleaning and replacement without any interruption.

If you are looking for an 8inch duplex strainer or a suitable replacement, Filson must be your premier choice.

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