6’’Carbonation Stone

  • Sintered metal stone for good mechanical strength
  • Fully constructed with high-grade stainless steel material
  • Diverse connection types for customers to choose
  • Available to be used in various conditions and applications
  • Easy to operate, clean, and remove

Filson 6’’ carbonation stone is one of the most popular carbonation stones manufactured by Filson. With an advanced sintering process, Filson 6’’ carbonation stone is featured with high porosity and precise micron rating.

  • Body material: stainless steel 304, 316/316L
  • Micron rating: 0.1-120μm ( most effective from 0.5 to 3 microns )
  • Length: 6 inch
  • Porosity: 15 – 45%
  • Operating temperature: up to 600℃
  •  Working pressure: 0.5 – 2MPa ( maximum 3.4MPa )
  • Connection: NPT threads, straight tube, dip tube, tri-clamp, barb and more

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Filson 6’’Carbonation Stone

Excellent 6’’Carbonation Stone for the Whole World

Filson 6’’ carbonation stone is applied to carbonate beer. Generally, it is made of healthy food-grade stainless steel 316 material with a length of 6 inches to make sure the safety and security of the target liquid.

In order to achieve a better practical carbonation efficiency, Filson 6’’ carbonation stone is made different from traditional stone. It adopts a totally sintered structure. By sintering, Filson carbonation stone introduces CO2 to beer more quickly and effectively.

Filson 6inch carbonation stone can be designed into multiple connection types, such as NPT threads, straight tubes, dip tubes, tri-clamp, barb, and more. The flexible connection design complies with the requirements of different vessels and applications.

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