Filson 60 PPI Filter Foam

  • Excellent corrosion and temperature resistance
  • High elastic shock absorption
  • Durable and recyclable material
  • Precise pore sizes with uniform gas diffusion
  • Dust prevention
  • Customizable dimensions with the best adaptability

Filson polyurethane, unlike ordinary foam filters, holds unique filtering properties. Filson 60 PPI filter foam is more durable and affordable, so you can quote us anytime, we swear to bring the best quality products.

  • Material: polyurethane
  • Size: available in various size
  • Shape: rectangular, square
  • Thickness:10-80mm
  • Sample: free samples is available
  • PPI: 60 pores per inch
  • Porosity: up to 97%

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson 60 PPI Filter Foam

Your Premier 60 PPI Filter Foam Manufacturer in China

Filson is an experienced 60 PPI foam filter manufacturer in China. As a 60ppi filter foam maker, we can provide a one-stop solution. We have a foam filter with varying filtration capacity, which can offer you cost-effective options.

Filson air filter foam with black material has a homogeneous cell structure, even cell size, and a three-dimensional network. This makes it ideal for filtering air and the retention of dirt particles. The material can be washed, rinsed, and shaken out before being reused.

Filson 60 PPI foam holds significantly filtration accuracy than another filter. It is extremely beneficial to purify to prevent the passage of dirt particles and distribute these throughout the entire volume of foam. Contact us.

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