Filson 4inch Duplex Strainer

  • High standard according to ANSI and ASME
  • Long life service with competitive price
  • Easy cleaning and replacement for insert basket
  • Applicable for high working pressure
  • Simple installation method

Filson provides duplex strainers with a wide range of connection size from 1inch to 24inch, and 4inch duplex strainer is one of them. With high temperature and corrosion resistance, it is always applied in industries like petrochemical, water and waste management.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel 304 or 316, carbon steel, cast iron, PVC
  • Connection Size: 4inch
  • Operating Temperature: -190℃—600℃(upon materials)
  • Flow Capacity: up to 15000L/min
  • Flitration Ratings: 1μm to 10000μm
  • Pressure Capacity: up to 100 bar
  • AvailableMedium: oil, stream, water, gas

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Filson 4inch Duplex Strainer

Reliable 4inch Duplex Strainer Supplier for Worldwide

Filson 4inch duplex strainers are available in standard designs or can be customized and manufactured to fit your specific micron filter requirements. The standard 4inch duplex strainer is designed and built in accordance with ANSI and ASME and passes pressure tests before transportation.

Compare to simplex strainer, Filson 4inch duplex strainer spares labors and improves efficiency by saving time of cleaning and replacing insert basket. And with large debris holding capacity, Filson 4inch duplex strainer needs less cleaning times than common duplex strainer.

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