Filson 4 inch Well Screen

  • Accurate slotting for optimal sand control
  • High open area with high permeability
  • Optional screen types with flexible connections
  • Specified diameter with customizable lengths
  • Superb corrosion resistance for groundwater operations

Filson 4 inch well screens has served various monitoring wells, observation wells, domestic wells and more with highest quality and economical costs. Besides, flexible fitting designs and o-rings are provided if you require, just contact our engineer team.

  • Material: PVC, SS 304/316L or upon request
  • Diameter: 4 inch
  • Length: up to 20 ft.
  • Slot Size: from 0.006 inch
  • Type: v-wire screen, slotted screen
  • Connection: male/female thread or without connection

Note: customization available, please consult Filson.

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Filson 4 inch Well Screen

Your Specialist 4 inch Well Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson 4 inch well screen, usually a Stainless Steel or PVC well screen with a diameter of 4 inches. Standard sizes are 4”×5’, 4”×10’, 4”×15’, with a wide range of slot sizes from 0.006 inches. Other dimensions are optional and customizable fully depending on your requirements.

In addition, Filson 4 inch well screens can be designed to v-wire type or slotted type to stop grains of different sizes from entering the wells. Among, v-wire Filson 4 inch well screens owns higher open area with low pressure drop than slotted types thus becoming increasingly popular.

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