Filson 30 PPI Filter Foam

  • Unique high absorb rate
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Small airflow resistance
  • Low energy consumption
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Great flexibility
  • Ease of Cleaning and long age resistance

Filson 30 PPI filter foam is commonly manufactured in polyester, providing both mechanical and biological filtration. Detailed parameters are shown below for reference. If you are not sure whether it is right, our engineer team will give you the appropriate scheme.

  • Material: polyurethane foam
  • Pore size: 30 pores per inch
  • Color: black, red, gray, blue, and others
  • Pressure drop: 42 pa
  • Shape: cylindrical, sheet, cube, and more
  • Minimal order: 50 sheets

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson 30 PPI Filter Foam

Your Reliable 30 PPI Filter Foam Manufacturer in China

Filson 30 PPI filter foam has the efficient adsorption performance of activated carbon, which can be used for air purification to remove formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, and other pollutants.

Filson 30ppi filter foam is used for interior decoration, car interior decoration, to effectively improve the indoor air quality, in addition, Filson 30ppi filter foam plays the double effect of purification and flame retardant.

Filson 30 PPI foam filter sheets are the perfect thickness to filter small waste particles (2nd step of mechanical filtration), removing fine debris and solid waste materials from the water prior to entering the chemical and biological filtration chambers. For more, contact us.

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