25 Micron Hydraulic Filter

  • Protect downstream critical components like engines, valves, etc
  • Increase hydraulic fluid performance, extend equipment service life
  • Excellent fluid compatibility such as: hydraulic oil, lube oil, etc
  • Responsible sale and after-sale service, a timely response
  • In accordance with both ISO standards and CE standards
  • Full in stock, ready to ship, short delivery lead time

Filson 25 micron hydraulic filter is designed to eliminate harmful impurities from hydraulic oil. It is used as a pre-filter to remove large particles. Send us your drawing and specification, we will quote for you immediately.

  • Raw material: fiberglass, filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh, SS sintered fiber
  • End cap material: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc
  • Length: 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch or customized
  • Filtration accuracy: 25 micron
  • Filtration accuracy: 99.99%
  • Flow rate: up to 175LPM
  • Collapse pressure rating: 21 bar -210 bar
  • Working temperature range: from -25℃ to 100℃
  • O-ring material: Viton, NBR, Buna-N at your request
  • Accessories: clogging indicator

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson 25 Micron Hydraulic Filter

Your Dependable 25 Micron Hydraulic Filter Manufacturer in China

As a professional hydraulic filter element manufacturer in China, Filson has full capacity to supply comprehensive hydraulic filter elements to meet your specific needs. We have sufficient stock, 25 micron hydraulic filter can be shipped now if ordered!

Filson 25 micron hydraulic filter has good fluid compatibility such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil,  petroleum oil, diesel fuel and so on. Its construction material could be fiberglass or stainless steel wire mesh. and Its seal type could be Viton, NBR, Buna-N or at your request.

Filson 25 micron hydraulic filter has the advantage of large dirt holding capacity, low differential pressure at high flow rates, reducing maintenance costs. Therefore you can save a big expense. In addition, it complies with ISO standards and CE standards.

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