24’’ Carbonation Stone

  • Perfect workmanship for good performance and leakproof
  • Strict processing control for stable construction
  • Large range of micron ratings for you to select
  • High-quality carb stone with relevant national standards
  • Multiple connection design to fit your application

Filson 24’’ carbonation stone or 24-inch carb stone, is completely made of stainless steel powder to customer specifications. No matter for shape, dimension, accuracy, or connection design, you can customize a content one at Filson.

  • Construction material: stainless steel 304, 316/316L
  • Micron rating: 0.1 – 120μm ( mostly 0.5 – 10μm )
  • Length: 24 inch
  • Porosity: 15 – 45%
  • Operating temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: 0.5 – 2MPa ( design pressure could be larger )
  • Connection: NPT threads, straight tube, dip tube, tri-clamp, barb, and more

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, contact Filson to know more details.

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Filson 24’’ Carbonation Stone

Superior 24’’ Carbonation Stone for Worldwide

Filson is one of the best foreign trade corporations infiltrating fields in China. We export 24’’ carbonation stone worldwide. You can find our carb stone in the market from various applications, such as food and beverage plant, beer brewing, soda, beverage carbonation, and wine production.

With the support of professional engineers and advanced sintering equipment, Filson manufactures carbonation stone at a fast speed. Usually, Filson 24’’ carbonation stone can be produced within 7 – 10 working days and then delivered to your country.

Filson 24 inch carbonation stone is the longest length we can make, but additional lengths are also available according to your requirements. For its sintered with stainless steel powder, if the diameter is too small and the length is too long, it may break easily.

There are more details to pay attention to, contact Filson to know more about 24’’ carbonation stone.

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