Filson 2 Micron Aeration Stone

  • Optional fitting designs for steady performance
  • Customizable types for optimal system suitability
  • Precise 2 micron pore sizes control with uniform distribution
  • Large air to water contact area for quick aeration
  • Food grade stainless steel material for guaranteed safety

Filson 2 micron aeration stone is designed to the particular 2μm pore size to generate smaller bubbles during the working process. Thus, it provides a larger gas to liquid contact area, resulting in quicker and more efficient aeration or oxygenating process.

  • Raw material: SS 304, SS 316/316 L, titanium, or on request
  • Working temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: 0.2 – 2MPa ( max 3.4MPa )
  • Micron rating: 2 micron
  • Porosity: 35 – 50 %
  • Length: range from 1 to 12inch
  • Connection: tri-clamp, BSP/NPT threads, barb, straight tube, flange

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Filson 2 Micron Aeration Stone

Cost-effective 2 Micron Aeration Stone for Worldwide

Filson 2 micron aeration stone is a common aeration stone type that can be easily found in a wide range of applications. It is made through a sintering process, by doing this, the stone is endowed with good mechanical strength and high efficiency.

Filson 2 micron aeration stone is a porous body with millions of pores in 2μm on the surface. The pores are too small to be blocked, so here comes a warm tip: do not touch or take the stone directly by your bare hands, or the oils on your skin will clog the pores.

Compared with Filson 0.5 micron aeration stone, a 2-micron one is less efficient but more cost-effective. Usually, a 2-micron aeration stone is enough for common applications.

Standard Filson 2 micron aeration stones are in stock for immediate delivery, to save your overall delivery time. In addition, Filson provides a custom service for you, please discuss with our experienced engineer team to ensure the best adaptability for your system.

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