10 Micron Hydraulic Filter

  • Imported natural glass fiber, uniform porosity and high strength
  • High filtration efficiency up to 99.9%, washable and reusable
  • Reliable package and safe shipment: cartoon outside or wooden box
  • High quality replacement filter elements as well as competitive prices
  • High-grade waterproof epoxy resin glue and high quality end cap
  • Over 20 years experience on hydraulic filter element fabrication

Filson 10 micron hydraulic filter is used to remove impurities like metal powder, debris in the hydraulic system, its flow pattern is from outside to inside. The filtration efficiency of Filson 10 micron hydraulic filter is up to 99.9%.

  • Raw material: fiberglass, filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh, SS sintered fiber, etc
  • End cap material: stainless steel with nickel plated, carbon steel, aluminum, etc
  • Length: 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch or customized
  • Filtration accuracy: 10 micron
  • Filtration accuracy: 99.9%
  • Flow rate: up to 20GPM
  • Working pressure: up to 30 bar
  • Working temperature range: from -10℃ to 100℃
  • O-ring material: Viton, NBR, Buna-N at your request

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson 10 Micron Hydraulic Filter

Your Dependable 10 Micron Hydraulic Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson is a professional hydraulic filter element manufacturer in China, we aims to offer high quality 10 micron hydraulic filter for our OEM customers. It is in accordance with ISO standards. In addition, we can offer samples for you to check details.

Filson utilizes imported fiberglass to construct 10 micron hydraulic filter, it is the core material of the hydraulic filter elements. It has the advantage of strong mechanical strength, good filtering effect and long service life.

Filson 10 micron hydraulic filter element is washable and reusable, which means that you can cut costs instead of buying a new one. It is widely applied to hydraulic oil or lubricating system, diesel fuel engine, transformer oil applications.

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