1.2 micron PES Filter

  • Comply with the USP Class VI Plastic Biotest
  • Specific hydrophilicity provides high flow rate
  • Excellent compatibility with corrosive chemicals
  • Multiple sizes meet the specifications of most systems
  • Thin membrane thickness is convenient for operation and use
  • Less extraction amount avoids contaminating sample solution
  • Low protein binding is suitable for filtering biological solutions

Filson 1.2 micron PES filter has standard and uniform aperture, which is capable to capture more than 99.9% impurities. With asymmetric pore structure, it is capable to accommodate many pollutants to realize long service life.

  • Raw Material: high-purity PES
  • Extractables: <2%
  • PH Tolerance Range: 1-14
  • BSA Protein Binding: <20μg/cm²
  • Standard Aperture: 1.2 microns
  • Thickness Range: 110 microns-150 microns
  • Working Temperature: 130℃
  • Flow Rate per Square Centimeter: 143mL/min

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson 1.2 Micron PES Filter

Trustworthy PES Filter Designer And Manufacturer in China

Filson uses high-quality PES material to fabricate 1.2 micron PES filter, with excellent hydrophilic properties, low protein-binding ability, and chemical resistance. For PES capsule filter and PES filter syringe, they both have high-density PP, PE or other plastics as housing to be strong and durable.

With advanced equipment, 100,000 class clean room production workshop, complete production line, Filson 1.2 micron PES filter is in line with multiple ISO certifications. Our professional engineers design personalized filters for you and experienced workers make these products show the highest performance.

After more than 20 years of development, our products sell well all over the world. Excellent quality and competitive prices have won us countless praise. Filson will be responsible for every product. For any questions or needs, please Click Here to contact us and get the product that will surprise you!

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