Filson 0.5 micron Diffusion Stone

  • Finest 0.5-micron rating design for carbonating beer
  • Maximum gas-liquid contact area for most effective diffusion
  • Superior temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Customizable dimensions and flexible connection designs
  • Food grade SS 316L as standard for highest safety

Filson 0.5 micron diffusion stone is commonly made of food-grade SS 316L material to achieve guaranteed safety and health of carbonated drinks. It is contributed to a number of breweries, carbonated drink plants, and other applications where it requires submicron-grade gas diffusion.

  • Material: food-grade SS 316L or as required
  • Micron Rating: 0.5 μm
  • Length: up to 36”
  • Element Diameter: from 1/2”
  • Barb Diameter: from 1/4”
  • Connection: barb, thread, tri-clamp
  • MOQ: 10 PCs (depends on size)

Note: listed above for reference only, please contact for customization.

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Filson 0.5 micron Diffusion Stone

Your Exceptional 0.5-micron Diffusion Stone Manufacturer in China

Compared with the other two common types, 2 micron and 0.5-micron diffusion stones, Filson .5 micron diffusion stone have the finest micron rating design, producing smaller bubbles to create a larger gas-liquid contact area. This is very important for speeding up the carbonation process and saving handling time.

Moreover, different micron ratings of Filson diffusion stones will lead to a different flavor of drinks. Filson .5 micron diffusion stone is your optimal choice for each carbonation process. Custom dimensions and connections are available, fully depending on your unique needs.

If there are any other questions about Filson diffusion stones, contact Filson at 86 – 157 3695 8886 or email to freely.

Our engineer team provides technical support throughout your project.

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