Filson 0.0015μm Filter

  • Exceptional uniform pore distribution for better filtration efficiency
  • Long filtration life leads to less filter change and costs
  • Excellent performance for removing particles in a gas
  • Ultra-high gas purification due to high filtration accuracy
  • Custom options for shape, size, and material

Filson, as a professional filtration expert, focuses on filtration for the semiconductor industry. We design and manufacture all kinds of gas filters to contribute to the yields of semiconductor devices.

  • Raw material: Stainless steel, nickel, Hastelloy, other metals, and alloys on request
  • Maximum working temperature: Up to 450°C
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.9999999%
  • Filtration accuracy: > = 0.0015 µm
  • Gas flow rates: 1 – 200,000 slpm
  • Target impurities: Moisture, particles, oxygen, CO2, CO, and many others
  • Shape: Square, sheet, cylinder
  • Housing material: Stainless steel, Hastelloy

Note: special requirements can be satisfied at Filson.

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Filson 0.0015μm Filter

Your Reliable 0.0015μm Filter Supplier in China

Filson 0.0015 µm filter is tailored for filtration for semiconductor manufacturing. Due to the expensive equipment and high cost of semiconductor products, manufacturers won’t take the risk to let any dust appear in the steps of the production process, so the gas filter is an essential solution.

Filson 0.0015 µm filter can capture the finest particles and impurities involved in the gas filtration system of the semiconductor industry. With high filtration efficiency of up to 99.9999999%, the final yields of products will be greatly improved.

Filson 0.0015 µm semiconductor gas filter can be customized to meet your critical design requirements, removing moisture, particles, acids, bases, refractory compounds, organic molecules, and other impurities in the system.

If you have trouble dealing with the dust and particles in your semiconductor applications, please feel free to contact Filson for help. We believe our 0.0015 µm filter will become your optimal choice.

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