Simplex Filters

Filson simplex filters are developed for reliably remove the contamination from the liquid media as per ISO 4406.

With a series of different applications, these filters are available in a wide range of versions and working pressures, such as: inline filters, return line filters, suction filters, high pressure filters, spin-on filters, carbon & stainless steel filters, with replacement elements for existing systems.

FilSon filters are thus widely used in applications, from steel industry to mobile equipment, test beds to marine, to provide the right filtering solution with the highest quality standards.


Inline Filters

Inline filters are fitted after the system pump to protect sensitive components and hydraulic circuits from contamination.

  • Maximum flow rate of 15000 l/min
  • Extensive versions range

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Suction Filters

Suction filters are used as safety filters to protect pumps in the circuit. Coarse filter materials with a filtration rating of > 25 μm are widely adopted to avoid negative pressure and sudden pump failure.

  • Flow rates up to 1300 l/min
  • Numerous connection variations

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Return Line Filters

Return filters are positioned at the end of a return line to remove any contamination from the operating fluid before the fluid returns to the tank.

  • Flow rates up to 15000 l/min
  • Working pressure up to 32Mpa

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High Pressure Filters

High pressure filters are designed to be installed in hydraulic piping systems where they guarantee operational safety and protect entire hydraulic circuit from contamination.

  • High stability and reliability
  • Operating pressure up to 32Mpa

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Spin-On Filters

Spin-on filters are used as process and safety filters to protect individual pumps, valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination.

  • Clogging indicators are available
  • Operating pressure up to 7Mpa

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Fabricated Filters

FilSon provide additional flexibility and design options for any application. Filters can be custom designed to suit any type connection with in a wide variety of materials.

  • Custom modifications available
  • Wide selection of filtration ratings

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