Filter Carts

Filter Carts

FilSon filter carts are generally used for filtering, dewatering, degassing and conditioning operating fluids.

We offer various types of portable filtration systems, including vacuum dehydrators, hydraulic filter carts, coalescing filter separators, transformer oil purifiers, handheld filter units and custom oil purification systems.

Our portable filter carts are ideal for use in industrial plants, wind turbines, to help control particulate and water contamination as per ISO 4406.

Vacuum Dehydrators

Oil vacuum system features vacuum chamber, heaters and PLC control with PPM sensors to rapidly remove free, emulsified, dissolved water and gas.

  • Remove Free and Dissolved Water
  • Automatic Supervision of PLC Control

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Handheld Filter Cart

Portable oil filter with a simple pump/motor/filter construction is convenient for end-users to carry and operate.

  • Minimised Equipment Downtime
  • Filter, Transfer in One-step Operation

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Portable Filter Cart A

This series filter cart consists of a cost effective pump, motor and filter set. It is used for oil transfer, new fill and top off.

  • Flow rates up to 150 l/min
  • Easy to Install and Operate

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Portable Filter Cart B

The two-stage filter design offers an effective way to pre-filter and transfer the oil into reservoirs or cleaning up existing systems.

  • Flow Rate 25-200 l/min optional
  • Dual-Filters Captures Particles and Water

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High Viscosity Filter Cart

High-viscosity filtration carts are capable of removing particles or free water from all types of oil, even high viscosity gear oils and corrosive mediums.

  • Improved Component Lifetime
  • Oil Viscosities 10 cSt to 760 cSt

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Tote Filter Cart

This Oil Purifier features a durable enclosure and impact-resistant panel. They can provide excellent hydraulic, lubricating systems protection under the most arduous of conditions.

  • Tough and Lightweight
  • Anti-explosion, Built-in Tank options

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Coalesce Skids

Coalescer purification systems with auto-water drain offer a P.L.C. touchscreen control panel for 24/7 automated and continuous operation.

  • Work with Five-stage Filtration
  • Coalesce/Separator Element Combos

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High Solid Filter Carts

They are suitable for highly contaminated industrial fluids, high-solid hydraulic and lube oils. It is easily used in waste oil regeneration and depth filtration.

  • Ideal for Particulate Contaminated Oil
  • Available 3, 6, 10 and 25 µm Elements

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