Duplex Filters


FilSon duplex filters are specially designed to offer continuous operation, even during element change.

Compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate, FilSon supply change-over duplex oil filters in a wide range of versions such as: duplex pressure filters, duplex basket strainers, carbon & stainless steel duplex filters, large-flow duplex filters, inline duplex filters and replacement elements for existing systems.

FilSon duplex filters are widely used in wind turbine, mechanical hydraulic control and fuel handling systems to separate particle impurities from fluid systems with high quality standards as per ISO 4406.

Duplex Basket Strainer

These series of filters are designed for high flow/ viscosity applications in continuously operating systems. They hold up to 10 high capacity elements per side.

  • Flow rate to 15000 l/min with 1.6 Mpa
  • Large ball valve changeovers available

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Low Pressure Duplex Filters

It is simple in construction and easy to use. There is a ball valve changeover and a contamination indicator that protects the hydraulic system for safety and reliable seal.

  • Flow rate to 2500 l/min with 1.6 Mpa
  • Ball valve, poppet and cam-operated valve are provided

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Medium Pressure Duplex Filters

We supply filters with or without bypass valve, including vent and drain screws. Also, a connection for a differential pressure clogging indicator is available.

  • Flow rate up to 400 l/min
  • Working pressure 21Mpa

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High Pressure Duplex Filters

These are compact, durable and high pressure duplex filters composed of two single bowl filters, a directional valve, a bypass valve and indicator.

  • Working pressure 32Mpa
  • Flow rate to 660 l/min

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Duplex Filter Housing

304/316 Stainless steel versions deliver high filtration performance and easy operation in the continuously operating system.

  • Bypass-valve, clogging indicators
  • Numerous connection variants

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Fabricated Duplex Strainers

Fabricated duplex strainers can be fitted with special tapings for vents, drains or differential pressure gauges in flanged, threaded and butt-weld connections.

  • 100% Custom duplex filters available
  • Carbon or stainless steel models optional

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