FilSon own a complete series of world-class testing equipment in China.

The range of inspection equipment covers all relevant requirements of filters and filter elements, such as filtration efficiency, flow resistance, service life, integrity, cleanliness, rupture resistance, flow fatigue, compatibility with working fluids, and cold start etc.

Both of these testing equipment align with ISO certificate.

Our professional technological staff and administration, on every production procedure, do their best to keep filtration systems and filter elements ideal.

From purchasing, receiving, production, installation, testing, packaging to shipping tracking, we has the implementation of effective control every aspect.

Always ensure that our products conforms to ISO9001 and CE quality and safety standard.

 #1 Hydraulic Flow Resistance Testing


  • Measure filter pressure difference with different flow rates.
  • Automatically collect and generate flow resistance characteristic curve
  • ISO 3968-2001,GB/T 17486-2006
  • Test flow: 100L / min – 800L / min

#2 Static Pressure Testing

Static Pressure Testing


  • Test object:oil filter of Internal combustion engine
  • Test items: evaluation of oil filter to withstand static, fracture
  • Standard: according to ISO 4548-6

#3 Oil-water Separation Testing

Oil-water Separation Testing


  • Test oil-water separation characteristics, cleanliness level of filters
  • ISO/ TS 16332-2006,ISO 4020-2001,SAE J 905-1999
  • Testing water flow: 1.5 ~ 200 mL / min
  • Operating pressure:1MPa

#4 Aperture Testing

Aperture Testing


  • Measure aperture and accuracy
  • Tested for filter elements, permeable sintered metal material
  • ISO 2942:2004 ,Q/XXTY 001-2013
  • Aperture test range:5-120 μm

#5 Particle Counter

Particle Counter

  • Display NAS 1638 oil cleanliness level, moisture content
  • Experimental auxiliary device for rapid precipitation of contaminants
  • Suitable medium: hydraulic and lube oil

#6 Structural Integrity Testing

Structural integrity testing

  • Filter core damage, adhesion defect can be effectively detected
  • Test object: oil filters, air filter elements
  • ISO 2942:2004,GB/T 14041.1-1993

#7 Filtration Accuracy Testing

Filtration Accuracy Testing

  • System pressure:4Mpa~2.5Mpa
  • Showing filtration accuracy β, filter element strength
  • ISO16889/1999,GB18853/2002

#8 Fuel Flow Resistance Testing

Fuel Flow Resistance Testing


  • Measure fuel filter pressure difference with different flow rates.
  • Automatically collect and generate flow resistance characteristic curve
  • ISO 4020-1:2001, GB/T 5923-2010
  • Test flow: 1L/min–5L/min

#9 Multiple-pass Testing

Multiple-pass Testing

  • Apply to mobile filtration systems and oil filters.
  • Filtration accuracy, dirt holding capacity can be precisely measured
  • ISO 19438,ISO 16889, GB/T8243-12
  • Wide range of test flow rates