What is a Duplex Strainer? (Ultimate Guide for Professionals & Newbies in Hydraulics Industry)

Duplex strainer is a key part when it comes to oil filtration.

Keep “Zero Leakage” of your equipment is always a target during production.

A high quality duplex basket strainers will help you solve these problems completely!

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5 Things You Must Consider When Choosing a Filter Cart

The modern hydraulic systems put more emphasis on precise lubrication and contamination control.

As a result, there is always a need to have the right knowledge on how to select the right filter cart.

With this, you can easily avoid catastrophic mistakes that […]

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How FilSon Duplex Filter Ensure “Zero” Leakage

Are you struggling with cleaning up oil spills?

Do you find it hard to ensure safety while guaranteeing trouble free and efficient operation of machineries or systems?

Then, FilSon duplex filters & strainers offer a perfect solution.

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9 Testing Equipment to Ensure World Class Quality Duplex filters and Filter Carts

FilSon own a complete series of world-class testing equipment in China.

The range of inspection equipment covers all relevant requirements of filters and filter elements, such as filtration efficiency, flow resistance, service life, integrity, cleanliness, rupture resistance, flow fatigue, compatibility with working fluids, and […]

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