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About Xin Xiang Filson Filtration Equipments Co.,Ltd

Filson Filtration Equipments Co.,Ltd is a leading hydraulic filters & filter carts manufacturer.

Founded in 2001, we supply lubrication & hydraulic filtration products, such as suction filters, pipeline strainers, pressure filters, return filters, basket strainers, simplex filter, and many more. Our customized hydraulic, lube filters are also versatile and reliable.

FilSon oil purification equipment are manufactured to remove contamination (water, particulate, varnish, etc.) from a wide variety of fluids, including lube oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil and diesel fuel. When used with FilSon high-efficiency replacement filter elements, our portable filter carts are ideal in industrial plants, wind turbines or any other location where space is limited…

Along with our standard product line, we can also manufacture custom designed oil filtering equipment to meet customers’ demanding needs.

FilSon Filters provide all solution you need to purify oil and achieve the desired ISO cleanliness level. We can provide you with any major filter brands and replacement filter elements. These may include vacuum dehydrators, custom manufacturing, standard hydraulic filters & oil purifiers for all your needs.

FilSon Filter Was Established

FilSon Filters was founded in 2001, initially operating as a hydraulic Simplex & Duplex filter housing manufacturer.

Invested in Filter Elements Workshop

High-quality industrial strainers and good hydraulic filtration manufacturer regulation pushed 2003 sales to first $3 million and we invested $1 million in the hydraulic filter elements production workshop.

FilSon Testing Lab Established

FilSon Testing lab was set up. FilSon hydraulic filter housings are continually tested using the latest ISO and NFPA test procedures in our engineering lab. Extensive testing is conducted to verify rated fatigue, burst pressures and to ensure compatibility with various oils, including high-viscosity, high solid content lubrication and hydraulic oil fluids.

Cooperated With the Chinese Government

FilSon began to cooperate with the Chinese government, mainly by providing supporting pipeline, suction and return filters for marine machinery.

Filson Went Global

FilSon doubled its capacity to 50,000 m2 with 147 employees and expanded its target hydraulic & lube filtration products business to the EU market.

FilSon Broadened Its Product Line with Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil Filtration Systems

FilSon broadened its product line with hydraulic & lubricating oil filtration systems such as handheld filter cart, hydraulic oil filter carts, vacuum dehydrator to provide customers with optimum filtration solutions. The turnover grew up to $ 10 Million this year.

Awarded Free Inspection Filters

After several years of in-depth cooperation with IHI Corporation, our hydraulic simplex & duplex filter housing were awarded free-inspection quality filters in their company.

Offers Customized Filtration Systems

To meet customers’ specific industrial filtration needs, FilSon began to manufacture customizable oil purification systems such as anti-explosion filtration unit, multi-stage filter cart and vacuum oil purifier.